Summer is almost upon us, although you wouldn’t believe it from the current spate of weather we are having. We here at Toms Tree Ties of course love the summertime and one of our favourite summer pastimes is the partaking of the odd (frequent!) great British BBQ.

However, it isn’t just about the meat and wine, it is also about spending time in the garden with friends and family cialis in der apotheke. Of course though, to fully enjoy a BBQ you must be able to Canada goose Parka enjoy the garden and for us, the heart of any garden is the lawn.

With that in mind we thought we would put together a few tips for creating a great lawn for the BBQ weather. If we get any this year that is…

Trim and a hair cut

Your lawn loves nothing more than being kept nice and tidy. Keep it happy by mowing it regularly and keeping the edges tidy with lawn edging. Be careful to not over mow your lawn though as this can weaken it and make it susceptible to ‘attack’ from weeds. You should try to keep it the same height throughout summer. Generally speaking, 1 to 1 ½ inches is about right.


It is important to keep your lawn well fed with a good lawn fertiliser. A good fertiliser will help to strengthen the grass and increase its health. This means that not only will the grass look greener and lusher; it will be better prepared to stand up to bad weather and pests. Talking of pests.

Remove the pests

We can’t think of anyone that really likes weeding. You get a bad back and if not done with the right gardening tools you can end up with very sore hands. It is a necessary evil nonetheless because weeds and moss can very quickly ruin a good lawn. If you don’t treat the pests then you will end up fighting a losing battle.

Toupe’ or not Toupe’

Ok, bit vague this tip, but ultimately we are saying that you should cover over those bare patches. Winter can often take its toll on a lawn and leave it with unsightly bare patches. These bare patches are prime breeding ground for those pests we mentioned before and so you need to cover over these patches as soon as possible.

Sowing the seeds of love

Winter really doesn’t love your lawn. If it has been a particularly harsh winter, up to a quarter of your lawn can die, so in the springtime you need to show it some love by, ahem ‘sowing the seeds of love’.

We hope that our little guide to a great lawn has been helpful for you and whether you would like us to write any further guides for you, we would love to help you with your gardens and plantings!

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