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Have you ever bought too much of something and then said to yourself “Now what am I going to do with all this?” In this post I want to share with you how to make use of excess bamboo cane as it is easy to order too much, or simply build up a collection sat in the shed – thus taking up much needed space for more gardening tools that you want to add to your collection!

b2ap3_thumbnail_bambooStaking flowers

Add some colour to the garden by using up any spare bamboo cane to support tall flowering plants such as hollyhocks, delphiniums and straight perennials. How many stakes you place and their construction will largely depend on how much space you are giving them and the landscape of your garden.

Tomato stakes

Tomato stakes are popular in many gardens, but if you haven’t done so yet then you are missing free tomatoes for your salad. A simple way of doing so is creating a wigwam design from your space stakes and using some twine/ties to hold the structure together. Once the stem to the tomato plant has grown strong enough you can then tie it to the stake letting it grow upwards.

Build a vertical veg garden

Now we are moving onto larger constructions, which means you must be a hoarder of bamboo and you have bamboo cane coming out of your ears!

Running along the theme of free food, you can start creating a vertical beg garden using your spare bamboo. You may need larger pieces of wood to stake into the ground to support all those vegetables, being the good gardener that you are, you may have more veg than you know what to do with and it will start to weigh down the structure. Square cages or triangle stakes will support all manner of vine vegetables with squashes, cucumbers and runner beans being the most popular choices.

Build a trellis

How much do you see trellis’ sell for in the garden departments stores? Without naming names, a certain will known national store charge up to £60 for something that is going to be hidden from view when your vines have had their summer fun with it.

Needless to say making your own would be much cheaper, make space in the shed and leave you with a sense of achievement that you show off by inviting friends round for a free BBQ with the money saved.

Build a fence

Now much difference than a trellis, I’m sure if you can build one you can build the other. Remember you will possibly need supporting posts and if you can weave that would help create something more pleasing to the eye. If not, you can use wire to tie the bamboo together.

If you are unfamiliar with fence building this should keep you busy for the rest of the summer, and there was you thinking you had nothing left to do with that bamboo cane.

If you just happen to need any extra bamboo, after using all the spare stuff in the shed now, then please check our store to order further supplies.

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