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As I look out of my window at what I hope will be a prolonged period of sun, my eye wanders across the garden and its largely unkempt state. Pruning and mowing needs to be done and there is still a great deal of planting to undertake. Wonderfully, the one thing that doesn’t need any more attention than some cursory maintenance is the lawn edging and borders. Do it right and do it once as my Father used to say.

There are a number of different lawn edging solutions on the market – Toms Tree Ties of course recommend Rite Edge lawn edging. Regardless of your choice of solution, installation of your lawn edging is key to creating successful, appealing and long lasting edges. The following are my top tips for doing just that.

Which lawn edging to choose?
Deciding on which lawn edging to use should not be an overly complicated process. You need to choose an edging that compliments the rest of the garden and the home; so to a certain degree your choice should be made based on aesthetics. Basically, choose an edging that best compliments its surroundings.


Mark your territory
Wait! We did NOT mean that how you might have read it. Rather than rushing out to the compost heap behind the potting shed, our advice is to carefully plan out and mark out your edges before installing the edging. We prefer to lay down twine or hose around the lawn where our edging will go and then dig a small trench. The soil can later be put back and placed flush against the edging; but this way you will at least be able to see any mistakes or poorly cut corners without having to redo whole sections of edging cialis versandapotheke.

Install the lawn edging
Take 1 hammer. Hit lawn edging into place. Repeat until end.

Oh alright, there is a little more that can be done. If you want the edging to last, wedge it in place with some stakes set at a 45 degree angle and then replace all of the soil back into the trench, over the stakes and up against the edging. This will help to support the edging and ensure it lasts as long as possible.

Level out
If the tops of your edging sections do not match it will be the first thing that any visitors to your garden see. You need to have a little of the edging above the soil in order to keep the grass under control, but only a little. About 1 centimetre should be enough. Make sure that all of the tops match up so that it there can be nothing to distract the eye.

Tonic water, ice and slice of lime….
is how I prefer to take my gin whilst enjoying the garden. Some prefer theirs with lemon.

How do you like yours?

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