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Many gardeners are well aware that the hosepipe ban comes into force Friday 6th April. Many more are wondering what they are going to do to ensure their plants, vegetables and flowers survive when the summer arrives and with it the need to typically use their hosepipe.

Thankfully there are answers for those who do not want to carry a watering can around their garden 20 times each day, or do not have the space for a water butt to collect any rain that does fall in the meanwhile.

Below are two options that you can legally use to beat the hosepipe ban. This way you can ensure certain parts of your garden stand a fairer chance of beating the heat this year, be it just to have a beautiful garden to relax in or to ensure your vegetable plot produces a harvest that is worthy of its hard work and time.

Broadleaf P4

P4 is an ingenious man-made soil that you mix into soil, compost, etc. Its magic properties are that it can absorb hundreds of times its own weight in water and this is accessed by roots of plants and extract over 95% of the water as they need it.

The great thing about Broadleaf P4 is that it can last for 5 years or more so is a sound investment for the future if hosepipe bans are to become a regular problem for gardeners. For best results we advise the granules are saturated in water before being mixed into the chosen substrate.

Leaky Pipe

Rather than being a standard ‘pipe with holes’, the pipe is porous all along its length, ensuring that the whole garden gets an even amount of irrigation.

Leaky Pipe can be placed on the surface or underneath out of sight to any depth that is needed. As it is not affected by frost, it can simply be installed and forgotten about for a number of years – many installations last well past 5 years. Just simply remember to turn the tap on when needed!

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