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Today we are pleased to announce that the Multi Award winnging Rite Edge aluminium lawn edging is now being supplied in a Value Pack. The standard 2.4m length packs have been a huge hit in the last few years and we believe this more economical option will be just as popular.

<a href="http://www cialis in” rel=”lightbox[11095]”>ground_maintenance_rite_edge.jpegThis new size pack holds just under 5m of Lawn Edging and comes in a choice of natural aluminium or brown. The 4 x 1.22 lengths join together exactly the same way as the larger 2.4m lengths & come complete with the necessary fixing stakes.

We offer a very competitive price for this new pack size & although we do split the larger packs, we believe these smaller ones may be more manageable & gives the customer a greater flexibility in quantity required & price.

For full prices and pictures of this outstanding landscaping product please click here.

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