Ground Cover, Mulch Mats & Accessories

Ground Cover, Mulch Mats & Accessories

Despite our name, we don’t just stock tree ties here at Tom’s Tree Ties, but plenty of other essential gardening products as well. Among this broad range of gardening supplies and tools of the trade are our stock of ground covering products and accessories.

Rolls of Polypropylene Ground Cover and Weed Control Fabric provide you with a greater deal of control over your garden, while also making the job much easier; use it to prevent the growth of weeds and other unwanted nuisances.

The range of pegs and hoops that we stock make it an absolute cinch to secure these covers to the ground; Wire Hoops and Pegs are ideal for securing the covers to stony and rocky ground, while Plastic Pegs are extremely effective at fixing covers to looser surfaces, such as soil.

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