Steel Tree Guards & Grilles

Steel Tree Guards & Grilles

Anyone who’s ever planted a tree, or works in a horticultural line of work, will be well aware of the wide range of potential hazards that they could, and should, be protected from. Whether situated in an urban or rural setting, the threat of human vandalism, animal predation, or damage caused by machinery is ever present. Fortunately, there are a number of effective, easy to install solutions to these problems: Steel Tree Guards and Tree Grilles and Frames.

All of the Tree Guards, Grilles and Frames that we sell are made to order, ensuring their efficacy for the role that you need them to perform. As a result of this additional level of customisation, these products need to be ordered by phone, as additional carriage charges may apply.

Easy to install, and just as easy to remove, the steel tree guard range is available in two convenient sizes, and can be matched with our range of grilles. Able to withstand the worst weather that’s thrown at them, these steel tree guards can have a polymer or galvanised finish.

Featuring the same durable, weather-resistant construction as our steel tree guard range, our range of grilles and frames are ideal for both protecting the fragile roots of trees and preventing the compaction of surrounding soil. Available in two sizes, these products are designed to be aesthetically pleasing, complementing the trees that they also protect.

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