Tree Stakes & Bamboo Canes

Tree Stakes & Bamboo Canes

There are a diverse range of uses for our range of wooden stakes and bamboo canes; in the hands of a seasoned gardener they are particularly versatile tools.

Our round and square stakes are best suited to staking and guying trees, though they can also be used to create simple borders around sections of your garden, or specific shrubs and plants.

Bamboo canes can be used for more obvious tasks, such as staking out flowers and vegetables; to more complex tasks such as constructing trellises and fencing. For a creative gardener, there really is no such thing as too many bamboo canes!

Please remember that stakes cannot be sent via Royal Mail, if you wish to place an order for either our square tree stakes, or round tree stakes, you’ll need to phone us directly to arrange for carriage of the order.

Take a look through our selection today, for inspiration and essential supplies!

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