60mm Land Drainage Pipe (Black)

60mm Land Drainage Pipe (Black)

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This perforated land drainage pipe is the ideal solution for a simple, easy to implement land drainage system. At 50 meters in length, with a 60mm diameter, this land drainage pipe should be more than a match for any drainage project you need to undertake. Multiple perforations ensure maximum performance, drawing water away from key areas of land in even the worst of conditions.

We also stock 60mm land drainage caps, to give greater control over an installation, and 25 meter lengths of 35mm diameter land drainage pipe, for less heavy-duty jobs. All are coiled to make them easier to both move, and to store. The land drainage pipes that we stock are also more than durable enough to do the job; providing potentially years of service.

For those with more specific plans in place for a land drainage project, we also sell this land drainage pipe by the meter.  After all, 50 meters of piping is probably a bit too much for smaller projects!

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Weight 51.47 kg

50m coil, per m


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