Leaky Pipe

Leaky Pipe

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A complete, extremely easy to use Garden Watering System. For best results, the Leaky Pipe is placed on the surface, between the shrubs, trees or plants & covered with a layer of mulch. The network is then connected via an ordinary garden hose.

Contrary to what the Leaky Pipe’s name would suggest, it’s not a pipe with holes in; it is instead a porous hose that seeps water all along its length. The Leaky Pipe or pipes can be laid on or into soils, sands & composts where the water it exudes moves from it by capillary action. The key to the effectiveness of the Leaky Pipe is that it supplies regular, but not constant watering; helping to maintain moisture levels in the root zone without overspray and evaporation.

The Leaky Pipe can be used as one length, or can be cut to make several shorter sections. Arrange connections with the range of 12mm and associated barbed fittings.

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