Spiral Tree Guards

Spiral Tree Guards

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Spiral Tree Guards or Spiral Rabbit Guards are without a doubt the most popular lowcost tree protection product for protecting seedlings / transplants and hedgerows from animals like rabbits. An additional major advantage of using Spiral Guards is their ability to grow with trees as they mature without the risk of strangulation or having to remove them from trees. The spiral should be supported by a cane or stake. 250 box as standard

The well formed overlap in the Spiral is important to prevent animals being attracted to gaps in the tree protector and more importantly for protection against chemicals. It is also most important to install Spiral Tree Guards the correct way up to remove the risk of tree strangulation. This can easily be seen on the Tree Spirals as the ventilation holes form a pattern of an arrow pointing upwards with the overlaps pointing upwards also.

All our Spiral Tree Guards are manufactured in 100% recycled PVC which offers many advantages over alternative plastics. PVC is a long lasting outdoor plastic so offers at least 4 growing seasons of protection even at high UV exposure levels. This material also will not become weaker at higher temperatures which causes some spirals to collapse around young trees in summer. PVC ultimately breaks down into minute inert particles through photo degradation which will not harm the earth around the tree plantation. Recent research has concluded that PVC is one of the better materials for the Environment at all 5 levels of its LCA Scale. This is particularly true now modern PVC’s have D.I.N. Phthalate based stabilisers which do break down and do not bio accumulate.

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