Strimmer Guards

Strimmer Guards

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Even the best horticulturalists makes the occasional mistake; it’s the nature of the field. It’s also fair to say that the certain areas are more susceptible to damage from these kinds of mistake than others; the base of a tree, for example, is particularly vulnerable to this kind of damage.

Any number of misjudgements can lead to damage to the base of a tree, but some are far more likely; overzealous usage of strimmers and lawnmowers. Even brief contact between one of these devices and the base of a tree can cause extensive, sometimes even fatal damage.

Of course, people aren’t always the culprits of tree damage; animals can often reap a heavy toll as well. Voles and shrews are often the guilty parties in these situations.

Fortunately, there is a simple solution to all of this, make use of tree guards! This Strimmer Guard in particular is an ideal solution; offering versatility with its length and height, as well as the strength to protect tree bases from damage.

This Strimmer guard is 225mm high and 125mm (when fully open).

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