Cable Ties (Non Releasable)

Cable Ties (Non Releasable)

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There are plenty of occasions during the execution of horticultural professions and activities that require for the securing or tying of plants or objects. On most occasions, this will need to be facilitated in a manner that’s both extremely hard to remove or break, and in such a way that is unaffected by weather, regardless of how severe said weather becomes.

As many local authorities, golf courses, forestry commission workers and leading landscapers throughout the UK, and even further afield have discovered, the best tool with which to achieve these results are cable ties. Cable ties provide long lasting, damage and weather resistant functionality, and are both easy to use, and incredibly versatile.

These cable ties are non-releasable, making them particularly well suited for use as long-term tree ties; they are extremely unlikely to come loose without being intentionally tampered with. However, if they do need to be released, they are still easy to cut through; making removal or replacement a cinch.

These Non-releasable cable ties are available in 3 sizes, and come in packs of 100.

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