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With so much choice in the marketplace concerning lawn edging, it is easy for gardeners to end up with boggled minds that much resembles on out of control strawberry patch; lots of fruitful ideas but a complete and utter mess!

b2ap3_thumbnail_aluminium-lawn-edgingSometimes it will be a simple choice because a lawn bordered by stones or wood will be in keeping with the design and look you are trying to achieve cialis canada. Whilst on other occasions you will looking at multiple product descriptions asking yourself ‘What have I got myself into?’

as you try and work out which one is going to be the best fit for the job.

There are cheaper alternatives to aluminium lawn edging such as steel, fibreglass or wood versions, but for reasons mentioned below you will see why we prefer aluminium.


Being aluminium it has the inherent quality that it will never rust unlike steel, or rot and need painting like wood would. There is also the fact that it stands up to abuse from a mower a lot more than plastic, wood or fibreglass would. It will not deteriorate and turn brittle due to sunlight either.

Save time and money

No maintenance required means time saved actually spent enjoying your garden or doing those other jobs that you keep putting off. That garden shed needs painting still? I know mine does! Not having to replace the lawn edging as often (if at all) you then save enough money to buy that paint for the shed – a win-win situation.

Easy installation

Being fairly flexible and light weight it is easy to install and is not as easy to break when fitting around corners as fibreglass examples have proven to be. With a telescopic design such as that seen by Rite-Edge, it is quick and easy to install.

Landscaping made easy

One of the main reasons for buying any lawn edging is to make landscaping easy and to create that look that you are after, and one could argue that you can create that with any of the alternative products available. Making borders or lawns with curves becomes so much easier to install and maintain with flexible but durable aluminium lawn edging. You can also relax and become more creative knowing that you are not going to have to replace it every few years as you would with plastic or wood.

As the saying goes; do it right, do it once.

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