Planting and fertilising – If you are going to plant a tree in summer you will need to provide it with lots of water to ensure it survives. We advise waiting until fall or early spring instead. With regards fertilising you can do so if needed but analyse the soil first.


Pay attention during hot summer months for wilting or yellowing leaves. Using wood chips and bark can help conserve moisture in the soil and its temperature. Give plenty of water in large quantities early in the morning or late evening so water is not lost via evaporation, and also because the tree will absorb water better during these times.


Trees are prone to disease if pruned at this time of the year, instead focus on only removing dead, diseased or damaged branches. At the start of the summer consider pruning any vertical growth if you would like the tree to spread out horizontally.

Surrounding Area

If you find your tree is struggling in the summer months clear the surrounding area, keep grass growth underneath its canopy area to a minimum so they do not take nutrients and water that the tree needs to survive and flourish during these hotter months.

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