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Back in the summertime we wrote an article about caring for your trees in the summertime. The article was so well received that we thought we would take the time to write a follow up article about caring for your trees in the winter. Yes we know it isn’t here yet, but the colder weather is definitely on its way so best to be prepared.

So, with that in mind, here are our top tips for caring for your trees in the winter time.



tree-sheltersWind, cold and frost can all do damage to bark and branches of trees; especially younger trees that are not as well established. You could consider wrapping younger trees with blankets to protect against the elements and securing them with tree ties. Older trees are able to weather the storm a little more and repair cracks that might appear in the bark. However, setting up a windbreak using bamboo canes and sacking would do no harm if you have the resources available.

You might be inclined to think that with all the cold weather you might need to restrict watering to avoid internal freezing – not so. Cold weather can produce drought like conditions for plants, the cold winds drying them out and then the ground freeze denying them a drink. It is for these reasons that you need to make sure that you have regularly watered your trees before the ground frost sets in, so that they have the best chances of building up their stores.

Autumn leaves
The leaf cover that falls upon the floor during the Autumn months might feel untidy but you should do your best to leave it there. Aside from providing nutrients to the soil, the leaf cover helps to regulate the environment for the base of the trees. The is due to the leaf cover helping to raise the temperature of the soil whilst also trapping moisture in and not allowing to evaporate.

Even if you take the necessary steps to protect your trees, damage can still occur cialis 5mg filmtabletten preisvergleich. One of the biggest at risk areas at this time of year is the branches. Wind and cold weaken the branches, whilst snow and frost can place a burdensome weight on them. It is worth pruning back small or weaker branches before the frost sets in so as to give the rest of the tree the best chance.

Hungry mouths
Whether they are the hibernating kind or not, during the winter month’s rodents and other small animals will need to stock up on food. Ultimately, this means that they will be calling upon your trees to provide them with nourishment and so you will need to employ tree guards or are other similar protection in order to defence against our furry friends.

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